About Us

We are a group of proactive specialist doctors who, with the help of the INTI Foundation and working together, have wanted to collaborate with our colleagues and help all those patients who are in the line of fire in this battle against the COVID-19 Pandemic with fast and effective solutions.

We seek to find solutions to the most urgent problems in the current context.

Our Team


We are working on the acquisition of materials such as masks, gloves and essential medical uniforms for the team of professionals who are directly facing COVID-19. We are also seeking the collaboration of companies that can design and donate ventilators for use in patients with respiratory distress.


Therapeutic alternative Hypochlorous acid (HCLO), is a molecule that works as a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral used in clinical medicine for infection control and wound repair. It has properties that are safe for skin and tissues. This product is approved by the FDA in the USA and INVIMA in Colombia, * its use in COVID-19 by the pulmonary route is experimental.


We seek to have access to the most outstanding technological measures against the coronavirus, such as the development of an artificial intelligence app designed to analyze the behavior of each citizen in order to prevent the spread of VOC-19 or any other disease. With the APP, people will be alerted and contacted to carry out the mandatory quarantine protocol.

Wash your Hands

It is not enough to rub your hands in soap and water. Remember to rub the entire surface of the hands (the back, the space between the fingers and under the nails) for at least 20 seconds, rinse well under running water and separate the hands with a clean cloth or a towel only use.

Avoide Close Contact

Try to maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 meters with other people. Avoid crowds and crowded places. A long period; Close contact can occur while caring for, or living with, a COVID-19 case or sharing a room, room, or waiting area with it.


If you're healthy, stay home Remember, the biggest reason for the isolation measures we are taking is not to protect healthy people from sick people, but exactly the opposite.

Cover Coughs and Sneezes

Since the coronavirus is a respiratory infection, coughing and sneezing are common symptoms that also release the virus into the air, increasing the risk of infection. Stay away from people who appear to have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. If appropriate, ask the person to stay away from you. If you know someone who has been around sick people, it is recommended that you also take your distance.

Wear a Face Mask

If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are caring for someone suspected of having a 2019-nCoV infection, remember to also wear a mask if you have a cough or sneeze, these are only effective if combined with frequent hand washing with a solution. hydroalcoholic or with soap and water.

Clean and Disinfect

When entering the home, avoid touching common surfaces. Avoid the elevator, touching the railings, the door knobs, the door, etc. Always have your hand sanitizer gel nearby to use before entering the house. When you're already inside, wash your hands thoroughly. Another safety measure that we recommend is to always take off your shoes when you enter and put on shoes that you only use to be at home.

Are you ready to save lives?

"Be supportive, when you help others the most you are working on your well-being, a mutual aid that strives for the same objective"

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